Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

  1. Who is Ophirum?
  2. Who is behind Ophirum?
  3. Who can I talk to if I have questions or need more information?
2. Products
  1. Where do our products come from and who are the manufacturers?
  2. Who guarantees the authenticity of the goods?
  3. Are the products certified?
  4. How are the coins and bars protected against external influences?
3. Trade
  1. How does the basket system work?
  2. When does my order become binding?
  3. Will I receive an order confirmation and payment confirmation?
  4. Is the purchase/sale of precious metals subject to VAT?
  5. What are Ophirum’s trading times?
  6. Is trading with Ophirum safe?
4. Cash payments
  1. Are over the counter transactions possible?
  2. Where can I buy gold in cash?
5. Further payment methods
  1. Is cash on delivery possible?
  2. How does advance payment work?
  3. What is instant bank transfer?
6. Delivery
  1. How much are delivery costs?
  2. When will I receive my order?
  3. How safe is delivery?
  4. What happens if I am not at the delivery address when the delivery arrives?
  5. Delivery to company address?
7. Storage
  1. How does storage work?
  2. Where will my precious metals be stored?
  3. Is there a limit to the product value I can store?
  4. Are my precious metals insured?
  5. Why do I have to provide my account details when I sell my inventory?
  6. How much does storage cost?
  7. How can I liquidate my storage?
  8. Can I see my precious metals at any time?
  9. Does the customer have complete ownership over the product?
8. Savings plan
  1. What is vaulted gold?
  2. Are the purchased goods physically there?
  3. How safe is my property?
  4. How do I pay in to the savings plan?
  5. How much does it cost?
9. Internet
  1. Which data is saved?
  2. How secure is my data?
  3. 3. What kind of encoding does Ophirum use when communicating over the Internet?