Security meets STYLE – the kinebar

The Kinebar (Kinebars) is a very special form of gold investment. In contrast to the usual gold bars, the Kinebar is characterised by a hologram applied to the reverse side of the Kinebar, which, dependent on movement and light refraction displays a rainbow coloured spectrum. However, it is not only the beautiful design which lends the Kinebar its attraction. Furthermore, the hologram on the gold bars offers an additional and recognised mark of authenticity which makes the Kinebar easily recognisable, and therefore signalises security.

Elaborately produced, elaborately packaged

Due to their holograms (Kinegrams), Kinebars are also referred to as hologram bars. Even the term Kinebars awakens trust in knowledgeable investors. The technique used for the kinegram on the reverse side of the gold bars is based on diffraction optics. This technique is also successfully applied as a mark of authenticity on bank notes, identity documents, credit and debit cards as well as documents and tickets. The unique characteristics of Kinebars are only possible, however. through higher production expenses than for the usual gold bars. Investors who wish to buy Kinebars must therefore pay a small surcharge on the usual prices for gold bars. However, when selling a Kinebar, this can prove to be beneficial, as in general authenticity checks are not necessary. A further security characteristic is that Kinebars are additionally provided with a certificate. Along with other information, these display the serial number of the gold bar which additionally increases security.

Kinebars are delivered in credit card format, shrink wrapped with their certificate. This packaging, in combination with the unmistakable three-dimensional effect of the kinegram lends Kinebars their brilliant design. Kinebar gold bars are not only a financial investment, but are becoming increasingly popular as a unique gift.

Unique kinetechnology

Kinebars are exclusively manufactured at Argor-Heraeus under their own brand, or on behalf of selected third parties. The bars with the Argor-Heraeus logo on the front are produced using a stamping process in the following sizes:1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g and as troy ounces (31.1035 grammes). Other sizes are manufactured on demand and have their own logos. The hologram on the Argor-Heraeus Kinebars covers the entire reverse side. In order to do this, fine micro structures are applied directly to the surface of the gold bars which achieves the remarkable effect. As a licence holder, Argor-Heraeus applies a production process known as kinetechology. The rights belong to OVD Kinegram Ag based in Zug, Switzerland. Further details regarding the manufacturing process are unknown and are subject to strict confidentiality.

Kinebars have been produced since 1994. The only difference between usual bars and Kinebar gold bars is the hologram on the reverse side. On the front side, in contrast to other bars, besides an emblem there is data on purity and weight as well as the inscription “fine gold” and the examiner/smelter hallmark. Up until now, Kinebars have not been widely circulated, but are becoming more and more popular due their unique exterior amongst purchasers outside the circle of classic gold investors.