When shopping on the Internet the choice of a suitable trader is an absolute matter of trust: Ophirum is exactly the right partner – safe, with guaranteed quality. We emphasise security and satisfaction!

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Stiftung Warentest (product testing) recommends Trusted Shops for advance payment on the Internet’s online shop has been examined and certified by Trusted Shops. 100 individual criteria have to be fulfilled in order to obtain the Trusted Shops seal of certification. As part of this certification, we offer our customers additional buyer insurance of up to EUR 20,000.00, which can be booked for an additional fee. Find out more here.


With us, you are buying quality products from reputable manufacturers!

We share our passion for precious metals with you, which is why we only deal in coins and bars from quality manufacturers. Our products are in accordance with the highest market standards. You can sell our products to banks, saving banks, gold traders and even back to us at the applicable price.



Our logistics partners guarantee safe delivery!

When it comes to delivering your order, we don’t leave anything to chance. Our logistics service providers are all experienced logistic experts who have worked in the business for many years. Your order is in safe hands, fully insured from our high security warehouse all the way to your door.

Prosegur has been operating the high security and duty free warehouse in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt/Main since 2011. Prosegur has further expanded the impressive security architecture and security standards former Federal Printing Office building to the highest level. With 1,000 square metres of storage space, it offers optimum possibilities for storing precious metals. Of course, the building is monitored by round the clock surveillance by personnel and cameras. You can find out more under myGolddepot

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