1 Unze Maple Leaf

Article number 60031M
country of Origin Kanada
Fine weight 31.1035g
fineness 999.9/1000
size in mm 30,00 x 2,87
conservation Bankenüblich
net price 1.682,88 EUR
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gross price 1.682,88 EUR
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The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin was introduced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1979. The Canadian Maple Leaf is the bullion with the highest circulation in recent years. In terms of buying gold the Maple Leaf is a profitable alternative to the Krügerrand coin. The coin not only gets its name from the Canadian coat of arms but also features a maple leaf on its reverse. The Maple Leaf has legal tender status in Canada. The 1 ounce coin has a face value of 50 Canadian dollars, though the material value is worth much more. The coin is offered in 1/2 oz. (since 1986), in 1/4 oz. (since 1982) in 1/10 oz. (since 1982) and in 1/20 oz. (since 1983) denominations. The design of the gold coin has remained almost identical over the years with minor modifications. Since 1988 the silver Maple Leaf is available. The platinum coin was issued between 1988 and 2002 and the palladium coin was minted between 2005 and 2007.

Pioneer gold coin with 24 carat

While the Maple Leaf was minted with a fineness of 99.9% in the first three years of its introduction the fineness was raised to 99.99% in 1982. This was the first time that the Royal Canadian Mint reached this fineness in a gold coin and thus set new benchmarks. The fine gold content of 99.99% coined the name "four nine fine".

Original face design adapted with time

Besides the maple leaf as the main element the obverse of the Maple Leaf also shows the inscription"FINE GOLD 1 OZ OR PUR" both in English and French underlining that Canada is a bilingual country. The fineness is shown on the obverse left and right of the maple leaf. The fineness was denoted as "999" until 1981. From 1982 onwards the Maple Leaf shows a fineness value of "9999". In 1990 the inscription and the declaration of fineness moved closer together.

The reverse of the coin shows the portrait of Queen Elisabeth II. The picture has been adapted with time. The design was revised in the years 1990 and 2004 of minting. The current portrait is in its third version now and was designed by the artists S. Blunt and S. Taylor. Above the picture of the Queen the legend is inscribed with "ELIZABETH II". Below the coin shows the face value and the year of minting. The edge of the gold coin is notched.

Most widely circulated coin popular with investors

Following the Krügerrand the Canadian Maple Leaf ist one of the most widely sold gold coins in the world. For investment purposes it is recommended to buy bullion coins like the Maple Leaf in large denominations. In this case the surcharge is only slightly higher than the pure gold value. The precious metal dealer Ophirum offers both the 1 oz. Maple Leaf as well as the 1/2 oz. Maple Leaf.