1 Unze Wiener Philharmoniker

Article number 60031W
country of Origin Österreich
Fine weight 31.1035g
fineness 999.9/1000
size in mm 37,00 x 2,00
conservation Bankenüblich
net price 1.721,12 EUR
Vat. 0,00% 0,00 EUR
gross price 1.721,12 EUR
Final plus Delivery costs

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The Vienna Philharmonic is the Austrian investment coin and produced at large scale among other European bullion coins. The Vienna Philharmonic coins have been produced by the Austrian Mint since 1989 and show great turnovers. This coin is also particularly popular far beyond the borders of Europe.

High fineness, high value

Struck in 24 carat, the Vienna Philharmonic coin is one of the world's leading bullion coins with high fineness. It is a legal tender according to its face value. This value is greatly exceeded by the material value of the gold. Until the year 2001 the nominal value of the Vienna Philharmonic coin was denoted in Schilling. With the introduction of the euro in 2002 the nominal value was adjusted to the single European currency.

The Vienna Philharmonic coin has always been available in 1 ounce and 1/4 ounce. The nominal value is EUR 100 (previously 2,000 Schilling) and EUR 25 (previously 500 Schilling). From 1991 onwards Austrian Mint complemented the portfolio by 110 ounce with a face value of EUR 10 (previously 200 Schilling). In 1994 the 1/2 ounce coin with a nominal value of EUR 50 (previously 1,000 Schilling) rounded off the Vienna Philharmonic coin series in gold.

Since 2008 the 1 ounce silver coin of the Vienna Philharmonic is also available.

Same design since 1989

The design of the Vienna Philharmonic coin has remained the same since its first print. The face of the coin shows the orchestra's instruments with the inscription "WIENER PHILHARMONIKER" above them. The reverse of the coin shows the famous organ of the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna. Above the organ the inscription "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH" is shown. The weight, fineness and nominal value feature below the organ. The coin's edge is notched.

Europe's bullion coin #1

The Vienna Philharmonic coins are sought after by investors when purchasing physical precious metals. For gold investors it is recommended to purchase one ounce or half an ounce since the fixed cost for minting and the relative surcharges on the price of pure gold are lower. One ounce as well as half an ounce of the Vienna Philharmonic can be purchased at the precious metal shop of Ophirum. Interested parties will also find offers for the Vienna Philharmonics in silver.