Sofortü is a new, free payment method with the TÜV certificate “Certified Data Protection" and "Certified Payment System". Instant transfer was developed by Payment Network AG and has been implemented in numerous online shops in Germany.

The benefits of this payment type available to Ophirum customers are:

  • immediate payment, therefore quicker despatch of your goods
  • no additional registration
  • highest security standards
  • automatic deduction from your online bank account

Sofortü transfers an automated, real time transfer from your online bank account via Payment Network AG’s secure payment form which is non-accessible for traders. The purchase amount will be immediately and directly transferred to the trader’s bank account.

How does instant transfer work?

After completing the last step of the order process and immediately after clicking “pay via Sofortü”, the transfer process is initiated and a transfer form is loaded. Here, you will be automatically transferred to the sofortü site. On the transfer form, you only need to enter your BIC, IBAN and name, then finally confirm your transaction as usual with your PIN and TAN.
Your order only becomes binding after completing the instant transfer. As soon as we receive payment confirmation form Payment Network AG, we will despatch the precious metals ordered.

Can I use sofortü What are the terms and conditions?

Every Internet user can use sofortü as a payment method, as long as he or she has an activated online banking account with PIN/TAN capabilities. Please note, that sofortü is not available with some banks. The access data you will need for sofortü

  • Your IBAN
  • Your BIC
  • Your access data to log in to your bank (Direct banking or account no., according to the bank)
  • The PIN-Number you use for your bank’s online banking
  • Your TAN allocated to you by your bank

What are the steps for successfully concluding a payment?

  • Step 1
    Input your name, IBAN, BIC, and possibly customer reference number
  • Step 2
    Input customer reference or legitimisation ID and PIN (depending on bank)
  • Step 3
    Confirm your order by entering your TAN

You can find a detailed explanation of the instant transfer procedure here:

Termination of the instant transfer

The instant transfer may be terminated due to the following reasons:

  • your bank is not supported
  • technical error is caused by the bank itself
  • the bank does not send confirmation of the transfer
  • you have terminated the payment yourself due to other reasons
  • over transaction/credit limit

The system only shows this information to you and will ask you to use another payment method.

What happens if sofortü is unsuccessful?

If the payment via Sofortü is unsuccessful, then you will be transferred from sofortü back to the order process. There you can choose a different payment method or make another attempt to pay via sofortü Your order only becomes binding upon sending the changed order.

Please note: if the 10 minute time limit for the order process designated by Ophirum lapses while you are inputting data on sofortü, your basket at Ophirum will expire. In that case, we will ask you to place a new order.

Security first

The instant transfer is transmitted via an SSL encoded connection. You authorise your transfer using your PIN and TAN, which is then carried out by your bank. Neither your PIN nor TAN are stored by Ophirum or Payment Network AG, as sofortü’s provider; instead these are directly transmitted in encoded form from the transfer form to the bank.

Note regarding liability in case of misuse

So far the “sofortüberweisung” service has not led to any misuse (TÜV certified online payment system). However, as a precaution, we would like you to note, that there are many banks and savings banks which assume a shift in liability in the case of misuse by third parties due to using sofortü with your PIN and TAN. This can mean that in the case of misuse, your bank will refuse to accept liability and the result will be that you will be liable for the damage. Therefore, sofortü’s provider, Payment Network AG, has concluded insurance on your behalf to provide compensation as a precautionary measure in the case of misuse in accordance with the insurance conditions stated here. This measure should protect you from any liability risks within the scope of this insurance policy.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions about sofortü

If you need help with sofortüberweisung, you can write an email to Payment Network AG via You should receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Of course, the Ophirum service team is also available to answer your questions. Our service team is available weekdays (except for bank holidays) 9am to 6pm by telephone +49 69 153 2007-30, email ( or by using our contact form.