Ophirum GmbH is a company specialising in precious metals. Our team consists of specialists who have discovered a passion for raw materials for themselves and for their investors while carrying out their previous occupations. Early on in our development we became very conscious of the strategic importance of precious metals in financial investments and safeguarding against the associated risks. This assessment, as well as the lack of trustworthy physical precious metals suppliers in Germany, led to the founding of Ophirum GmbH.

Our name, OPHIRUM, stems from our passion for precious metals. Ophir – is the mythical land of gold in the Old Testament. It was particularly well-known due to its wealth in gold. Even King Solomon was said to have obtained his gold there. Aurum – is the Latin name for gold and symbolises our fascination with the yellow precious metal.


We wish to share our passion for precious metals with you. The most important prerequisite for that is trust. We understand your high security and quality requirements. That is why our highest priority is the secure and discreet processing of your orders. A high standard in processing and excellent service are a matter of course. At Ophirum, you are not only buying in a professional environment, you can also rely on us to treat your data confidentially.

We deliver the highest product quality as well as great care in processing orders from purchase to delivery.

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